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December 30, 2012


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Journal Entry: Sun Dec 30, 2012, 12:26 PM

planctum in virgo by Anhen Les Feuilles Mortes by Anhen Lucrece by NonMei :thumb345051364:

Dark MotherBleed your colors to the ground,
let them swirl in the vortex of your breath.
The gathering chill escaped from your lungs
whispers the green earth into death.

Dark Mother, keep the spirits
you hold within your hands.
Souls eternally bidden,
soaked and seeped into the land.
Dark Mother, keep your fury
quivering deep within the ground.
Harm us not, but let us hear
the power of that sound.
The wheel is turning, always turning
as the sun falls from the sky.
Mother can you tell me,
oh can't you tell me why?
Dark Mother, stir your cauldron
deep living waters of rebirth.
Wash clean this wretched wreckage
we have wreaked upon the earth.
Dark Mother, shall we reap
all that we have sown?
When spring returns will you be there?
to light our path toward home?
The wheel is turning, always turning
as the seasons slowly die.
Mother can you tell me,
oh can't you tell me why?
Will you exhale a merciful breath,
to warm our world once more?
Or stop the wheel from turning,

leave us trappe

People you never knew about by mehrmeer There are too many of us by CarpeSav :thumb282519577: Les bleus du soir... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria

The House Where Nobody LivesI live in the house where nobody lives
The kids dare each other to come close enough
to peep through the windows, maybe see the ghost
of the faded old man who haunts the place
I am that ghost
in the house where nobody lives
Broken-backed from the weight of the world
Leather-skinned from long ago sunny days
Dreaming of all that I've lost and wondering when
I'll be allowed to see them all again
I am the ghost
in the house where nobody lives
Dragging my chains and moaning in the night
Sleeping in my cold bed in the day
Dreaming my dreams of better days when i lived
Out in the world, when it was beautiful
I am the ghost
of the house where nobody lives
You kids stay away from those cracked panes
Pain is contagious, you could catch your death
Don't look into the darkness, it will find you soon enough
When you've grown longer bones and broken a few
Hear the ghost
of the house where nobody lives
Le silence des pierres #8 by SylveryFox

La pretresse by Daturanoire nude2 by stevenfields Thunder Call by pauline-greefhorst Oups by Rayon2lune

La sorciereUne jolie rousse
Pourquoi es-tu si pâle?
Le bûcher t'attend.
La raison et le sensible by Nahuask

Die Majestaet by Knechter Fantasmagorie by Annabelle-Chabert :thumb343190090: The air is colder than the water by KariLiimatainen


Black Magic by Elisanth Chase of Haze by Lorelyne Mura by Pugoffka-sama Unveiling Dawn by Christine-Muraton

I Don't Know How to DieI don't want to cry anymore,
(I don't want to whisper goodbye again;)
but I'm no longer certain
(I want to pretend indifference. I don't think)
I can freeze the tears before they fall this time.
(stopping the pain is possible.)
Living hurts these days,
(When it seems I'm fighting to lose, life acts)
as if it's been decided I'm invinceable
(like I can't shatter completely.)
and has thrown me from a cliff
(And all I'm catching is air in my palms while the world screams)
to watch me sprout my wings and save myself again.
(because flying is the cure, but I've forgotten how.)
But I'm not invinceable
(I'm not indestructible;)
and I was never meant to fly.
(I bleed the same colors as you.)
I'm not invinceable,
(I've never claimed to be made of stone)
and the fall has left bruises in the shape of broken hearts
on my skin,
(and you've chiselled your name in a scrawl, leaving)
signatures of pain's name for the entire world to see.
(a testament to your being here.)
I don't want to hurt like this,
Messenger. by Coldwave-Enigma

Les frontieres de l'etre by olivier-ramonteu requiem by Inextremiss Ghosts in the photograph never lied to me by anaPhenix the hours of dissolution by Inextremiss

Car tout finit un jour... - Because everything... (English version below)
Car tout finit un jour...
Dans tes yeux noirs où se perdent les ombres,
Immergés de spleen et d'ouragans sombres,
Assassine étoile en proie aux vingt ans,
N'oublie ta joie, ton courage d'antan.
Ah que le temps vienne où les fleurs s'égrainent !
Nos rires sous les toits bleus, nos fredaines
Oubliées, resteront à jamais les
Germes d'un été, mort abandonné.
Une lettre commencée, une plume
Egarée. Car dès lors de cette plume
Il faut tirer un trait, comme à l'enclume
Retirer l'épée. Des maux que j'exhume,
Aie confiance en eux. Ils laisseront ton
Chemin loin des issus malheureux. Mon
Oracle, ma muse. Nous n'irons jamais
Sous l'arbre fleurit, où je t'aurais donné
Toutes les splendeurs d'Italie. Adieu,
Au revoir, puisse l'air être tes yeux !

English version:
Because everything will end one day…
In your black eyes where shades disappear,
Firestarter 2 by AnitaAnti

.fate reloaded. by naikki :thumb308288577: How High is the Sky? by DpressedSoul Forbidden Ponds by deerArylide

they will alwaysbounding,
more like hurried floating, these Kublai Khans on little discs.
they ride on hurricanes, one each foot,
which seem to flare in wood grain floors
or else they’re pulled by tiny demons
‘till dinner’s ready.
there’s two chaotic ballerinas,
stage right, stage left, i’m trying to read
but here they blunder
at supersonic lightening speeds.
i can’t help but laugh for life
when they steal their silly heads
from silent rooms like fairy ninja
and then pounce and flounder on the couch,
                                                                        upset my drink,
Last World War - check mate by giosolARTE

Ziburinis by Christine-Muraton :thumb187989833: She's the Static Suicide. by mistress-macabre feuer.getauft IV by silent-order

VautourGriffe et lacère
L'intérieur de ton corps,
Tempête d'hiver,
La saison de la mort.
C'est un alexandrin qui se doit d'amorcer
Le vautour, l'ouragan de vingt mots composé.

Allegro/152 bpm
C'est le sang et l'encens qui se mêle à mes sens,
S'entremêle et descend, oblitère et pressens
Et les serres sauvages, l insipide sauvage,
Mésestime de soi ,écarlate est la voie,
C'est l'Amour et la Mort,
C'est le temps, c'est le sort
Le silence suave, ni salut ni partage.
Satan rôde ici bas, sur la lande saline,
Satyrique césure,
Ce bassin silencieux sur le sel de mes yeux.
Pause/0 bpm
Je ne suis rien, gisant, sur la rive de mon lit;
J'ai rejoins les marais, objectif réussi.
Lost by felawn

They Are My Own by astrangeallure :thumb322189538: cold by KariLiimatainen Full Moon by Aivaseda

Ce n'est pas un poemeCe n'est pas un poème, ceci est un défi
Une gifle aux effrontés qui ne se savent plus de songes
Un coup de corne dans toute cette viande inerte
Dans l'accumulation des atrophies indignes
En serez-vous capables, de briser vos entraves ?
D'arracher l'étoupe qui assourdit vos arts ?
De montrer le rose aux joues et les perles de sang ?
Hurler pour qu'enfin ils se tiennent
Droits comme des figures de prose
Les secouer pour qu'ils quittent leur quiétude
Et s'offrent aux mystères
Ce n'est pas un poème, ceci est un défi
Ce n'est pas un poème c'est un ultimatum
A tous ceux qui s'assoupissent dans la boue du doute
Dont l'esprit s'effiloche vers des horizons mous
J'impose ces mots qui tranchent dans le verbe :
Non, l'absence d'opinion ne sera pas tolérée !
Je veux entendre vos vertèbres durcir !
Je veux voir vos cervelles fleurir en cristal de roche !
J'évacue ici le vestibule du vague
Sans me soucier de ceux qui trébuchent
Cell Memory by pbxn109

pot de depart by shitpitcher Complaint by Tenebrae76 Quand tout s arrete by Psychasthenique Lost Identity by Bokotsu

MelancholiaSoothe and subdue me,
overthrow the ferocity
that harrows me nightly,
and all through the day,
when I should be
happy with you.
Say you will slay
all of my fears
and the forces that drive me
always to tears,
or this intensity
will surely devour me.
You won't escape its teeth, dear,
because you love me so.
You stand by your woman,
even when the wind is blowin',
threatening to tear our house down.
And the colder the winter,
you just hold me tighter,
vowing nothing
will tear us asunder.
Golden-hearted you,
bravest of lovers,
have withstood all the tempests I bring,
but together we will drown,
stuck in its jaws forever.
Please don't ever say
I didn't give you warning
about the ghosts that I carry,
my love, they are hungry --
they want your everything.
I love you,
but it will be too late
This is my destiny.
You chose your fate
when you held on to
the hull of this haunted ruin,
already sinking,
and the merciless,
mad allure of the siren
that has wrecked you
by leading you here to me.
Shot by BW-999

Project 'Dance with Dionysos _ A la peripherie' by olivier-ramonteu Wind Elemental by HoiHoiSan Holy Light by mj-magic Quiet Storm by Amanda-Diaz

Wind by photosbydoco

..: Now and Forever :.. by Mademoiselle-P :thumb339650147: A mon eternel ami Jacques Jossieaux by Rayon2lune eve by ezorenier

They Still Lurk by fallnangeltears

Thx to the strangers in the mirror

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