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November 22, 2012


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En memoria de Montserrat Figueras (1942 - 2011)

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 22, 2012, 11:48 PM
One year ago, day for day, Montserrat Figueras has passed. If you don't know her, please take 10 mn of your time and listen to this great artist... Wife of Jordi Savall, her voice and her talent are immortal. R.I.P Montserrat, wonderful


I Visual

:iconrayon2lune: :iconmademoiselle-p: :iconnventfischer:

21112012-dsc 0131 by Rayon2lune ..: Foggy day - Dark version :.. by Mademoiselle-P :thumb338184785:

II Francophone par :iconalittlebitdreamer:

OniriqueMa main touche l'eau
Le reflet de la lune
Dévoile ma peau
AnaisLa grâce se lit
dans d'autres mots que les miens.
Ton regard parle.
La mortDe l'autre monde
L'air est inachevé
J'attends sa lettre

III English

:iconscarlettletters: :iconsasunaru16: :iconcmrlj:

Winter StormGather in the storm clouds
those grey preying hands,
harbingers of snow
and watch them
lower in the fields,
like silhouettes of bleak news -
deaf sorrow for the hungry.
Let them rage against the sky,
brackish bruises of half-light,
turning us to ghosts,
making the soil stillborn
and feel them press
down upon our house,
twisting brick and mortar
into a cold feast.
Hear them puncture the wind,
a low shriek of trees,
that hunts the leaves,
and taste them
settling on the ponds and rivers,
breaking our backs
and brows
like a dull crucifixion.
Then shall we close our souls,
backs to the wind,
that rake and ruin of winter,
sharp crack of veins
that can no longer find warmth
and leave us grasping
at the bitter air
haunting right beneath our surface...
ice queenShe takes you by the hips
because she's too hungry
to appreciate the warmth
of your hands.
She transforms you with her fingers,
bending every edge till you're just her
ball, made of glass,
that she shakes once in a while.
She always preferred ice over sunshine.
And I can't stand the sight of her,
she chills me to the bone.
Because she has my whole world
in the palm of her hand
and I fear she might break it.

IV Surprise  - today by :iconarianejurquet:

Cimerian sybil by ArianeJurquet

"I have had the great privilege of sharing 45 years of intense, fruitful life with Montserrat. She was friend, companion, lover, mother, muse, teacher and an exceptional source of wisdom throughout our life together. Over and above the great artist that she was, everything that she did in her life was permeated with that light that was made of infinite love, extreme sensitivity and generosity, and the tireless search for dialogue and pathways to peace and harmony through emotion, spirituality and grace. That grace, as La Fontaine says, which is more beautiful than beauty itself. It is that light which gives us the strength to go on without her presence and which will help us to fill the great void she leaves behind with the projects that she would have wished to carry out. She liked to remind us that "above all, whoever sings a lullaby is moved by the desire to give of their very best, in itself an act of love through which the child experiences the essence of life" (Ninna Nanna, 2002). Thank you, dear Montserrat, for having taught us that "it is not enough to listen to music with our ears, we must also listen with our soul." Jordi Savall, 12/12/2011.

"J'ai eu le grand privilège de partager 45 ans de vie intense et féconde  avec Montserrat. Elle a été amie, compagne, amante, mère, muse, maître et conseillère exceptionnelle dans tous les moments de notre existence. Au delà  de la grande artiste qu'elle fut, tout ce qu'elle réalisa dans sa vie était imprégné de cette lumière qui nous caressait, faite d'amour infini, de sensibilité extrême, de générosité et de cette recherche infatigable des dialogues et des chemins qui nous mènent à la paix et l'harmonie à travers l'émotion, la spiritualité et la grâce. Cette grâce, comme disait La Fontaine, plus belle que la beauté. C'est cette lumière qui nous donne la force de continuer sans sa présence et qui nous aidera à combler le grand vide qu'elle nous laisse, avec les projets qu'elle aurait souhaité achever. Elle aimait nous rappeler que par dessus tout, il existe chez celui qui chante une berceuse, le souci de donner le meilleur de soi-même, rien d'autre qu'un acte d'amour qui, de cette manière, fait vivre à l'enfant l'essence de la vie. (Ninna Nanna, 2002). Merci chère Montserrat de nous avoir appris qu'il ne suffit pas d'écouter la musique avec nos oreilles, mais que nous devons l'écouter avec notre âme." Jordi Savall, 12/12/2011.

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